Corporate ID is the overall image of a corporation. Thus, it expresses the spirit, the essence and values of your company, so you can imagine its importance. Tell us what you do and how you do it: we will show it to your customers, putting it in an irresistible wrap.

Your business in an
irresistible wrap

Lopoideas is a small company focused in graphic design for premium businesses. First, we are artisans rather than designers. Second, we conceive from scratch each and every element of our projects, offering a unique product 100 % customized. Finally, our customers get an impeccable product made to last.

Every day your potential customers are saturated with thousands of stimulus such as ads, signs, pictures, mails... That is why you need to catch their attention quickly and efficiently. Trust our experience! We design awesome logos in compliance to Gestalt rules, helping your customers to identify your brand at a glance.

I want an unforgettable

In the world of e-marketing agencies it is fairly common to use similar web templates for different customers. However, we never do that. Every website conceived by us is tailor made, designed from scratch to be unique. We use state of the art languages such as CSS3 and HTML5, in compliance with Search Engine Optimization.

A different website to
impact your clients

Being away from social media means your company does not exist. As a fundamental part of a proper SEO strategy, creating and managing social networks is one of our specialities. We have a big data base of top level bloggers and our expertise with the most relevant internet forums will boost your presence on the internet. Do not hesitate it! This is a must-have for your comany.

Don't get lost in
social media